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Chef’s experience at home

What is magic in the kitchen? The crave-worthy chilled ready Food & Glory meals. Specially designed for connected people to indulge a great fine dining experience. At home. In minutes. Inconvenience free meals that bring a Chef’s experience.

Ready meals innovation

We’ve put all our know how together with the newest technology in order for you to enjoy a restaurant-like meal in the confort of your home. Great dining experience in minutes. Get ready to receive compliments with no effort!


Fresh pasta rich filling

Fresh Pasta with high egg content and generous filling made out of fresh ingredients only. The Food & Glory pasta is a product of innovative technology that elegantly reveals its distinct flavours. Premium fillings for every taste - it’s magic.


Slow cooked tender meat

The meat is seasoned and marinated with the finest herbs. Then it is vacuum-sealed and cooked slowly, for hours, under hot water. So the meat remains juicy and tender.
You have only to oven-bake it for a little while and ... serve it in style.
You’ll take the glory for a restaurant-like dinner.



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