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Our delicious flavors

Discover some of our tasty and refreshing flavours that you can enjoy at BRAND MINDS.

Strawberry sorbet

Glamorous and exciting, LA STRADA STRAWBERRY sorbet fits your favorite outfit: urban, elegant, luxurious, with a texture that can become an ice cream fashion icon anytime.

No fats, but lots of fruit puree, water and a little sugar. In other words LA STRADA CONTEMPORARY SORBETO – the delicious dessert that you can enjoy every day, guilt-free.


Pistachio ice cream

LA STRADA PISTACHIO ice cream has that “je ne sais quoi” that appeals to the ones that don’t follow trends, but set them. With an unique taste and an original style, this ice cream is a never ending inspiration for the true “trendsetters”.


Mango sorbet

With a deliciously refreshing and contemporary taste, LA STRADA MANGO sorbet cannot miss from any friends get-together, a standout through its unconventional look.

Because it has no fats from dairy, LA STRADA CONTEMPORARY SORBETO is not just a regular ice cream. It’s much more than that! It’s a refreshing dessert so delightfully tasty.



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