Information is Power. Stay Ahead of the Competition with this Innovative Product

The modern tools of communication turned our world into a race for last minute news.

A few decades ago news were measured by the hours, now they are measured by the seconds.

Information is power and getting to it first is important for the business environment. The other aspect of paramount importance is relevancy and how much the news report on reality, not make-belief.


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Signal Media is an artificial intelligence media monitoring and reputation management company that transforms the world’s information into accessible, actionable insight.

Signal Media is the platform which cuts through the noise and the clutter, “providing businesses with super-fast access to high-quality, hyper-relevant information to remain on top of their reputation.”

Signal Media delivers “the complete picture, a holistic global view to ensure that the decisions they made reflected reality – not assumptions.”

Signal Media is AI powered business intelligence

Signal offers a complete picture of your world. Powerful artificial intelligence finds the information you need, from places you didn’t even know to look, to make the unknown, known.

Benefits for executives and CEOs using Signal Media

  1. Make smarter, faster decisions;
  2. Understand the impact of their communications strategy;
  3. Winning new business pitches using AI;
  4. AI beats information overload and drives better decision-marketing;
  5. Personalised real-time awareness into the conversations, market movements and issues affecting their world.

Track your world in real time: stay ahead of the story

How does it work?

  • The Signal system is fed all information the moment it is published;
  • Using natural language processing, the platform identifies all relevant information: names of the companies mentioned, topics of discussion, numbers, dates etc;
  • Stories are gathered together in clusters according to their relevancy;
  • All information is tagged and turned into relevant, actionable knowledge.

The client receives:

  • AI-powered news and media monitoring – built-in real-time translations;
  • Intelligence;
  • Analysis.

The news sources that Signal uses are over 2.8m global online, print, television, radio and regulatory sources.

Turning the world’s information into knowledge.

Industries using Signal

  • PR and communication;
  • Risk management;
  • Tax and compliance;
  • Financial and legal services.


Real-time – news coverage delivered as soon as it happens.

Limitless – unlimited search and premium content at a fixed price.

Hyper-relevant – the AI cuts the noise giving you the signal.

Simple – do everything through one intuitive platform.

An overall system that is evolving constantly, getting smarter and more intuitive.

Our cutting-edge AI enables businesses to track global news in real-time – from mentions of competitors, to regulatory changes, to their own spokespeople – with certainty, clarity and confidence. Signal gives businesses all the information they want to know, as well as the information they didn’t know they needed, to make better, smarter, faster business decisions. Signal makes the unknown, known.

About Signal Media

  • Signal Media was co-founded in 2013 by David Benigson, CEO of Signal and Dr. Miguel Martinez, Head of Research. The company is with early stage venture funding, after raising a total of $26.6M to date;
  • According to one of company’s press releases, the number of employees double to 100 people over the last year and revenues increased 4x since its Series A round in September 2016;
  • The platform translates in real time the latest news in over 100 languages from 200 markets;
  • Signal has over 200 clients including Allen & Overy, Amnesty International, British Airways, E.ON, TalkTalk, Thomas Cook and Whitbread – among many other household names;
  • In November 2018, Signal Media won the inaugural Fujitsu AI Pioneer of the Year Award at the 2018 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards; The Fujitsu AI Pioneer Award was introduced in 2018 to acknowledge and reward businesses paving the way in artificial intelligence innovation ensuring the UK remains at the forefront of the technology’s evolution and adoption.

Winning the award means recognition for all of the work we have done since we started back in 2013 to push the boundaries of AI’s capabilities as far as we can.

Miguel Martinez

co-founder of Signal Media

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