KissFM and BRAND MINDS – amplifying the creativity of world-changers in 2022


With a history of 18 years and over 2,5 million listeners, KissFM is the #1 Hit Radio and the leading national radio station in Romania highlighting up and coming artists.

In music and in business, identifying trends is an essential factor driving success. Being the first entails overcoming many challenges and the courage to forge a new path ahead. The rewards, though, are plenty: world-changers growing into thriving business builders.

KissFM Romania and BRAND MINDS share the same goal of empowering creativity and providing world-changers with high energy and the needed inspiration to achieve their goals.


Dan Fintescu, Programme Director KissFM Romania:

“From the very beginning, 18 years ago, KissFM has been supporting the creative leaps in the communication industry.

The speakers, innovators and forward-thinkers, men and women of vision who have been invited to every edition of BRAND MINDS are the guarantees for these leaps.

We are pleased to be a regular partner to an event that inspires and brings clarity to the present and future communicators.”


Dan Fintescu, Programme Director KissFM Romania


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