How to create Instagram Ads and Why

The fastest growing social media nowadays, Instagram is proving to be more and more important and relevant for businesses.Therefore, its a platform that we believe you start learning more about and invest in it, as it will prove in time its efficiency.

At the moment, there are five ways in which one can create a paid Instagram campaign: within the Instagram app, Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Power Editor, Facebook’s Marketing API and Instagram Partners. According to some specialists, the easiest ways to set up an Instagram promotion is to use the Facebook Ads Manager, The Power Editor or Instagram’s app. While the Facebook Power Editor and Facebook’s Marketing API are for advertisers who want to create a large quantity of Instagram ads at once, Instagram Partners are experts who can help with buying and managing ads at scale while also creating content for you.

A more detailed explanation is also found on socialexaminer.com.

Moreover, one must take in consideration that ads can have different formats and one should choose the one or ones that better suit the brand and the campaign: photo ads,video ads, carousel ads, ads in stories.

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