Learn about your customer’s buying behaviour from Dan Ariely, at BRAND MINDS 2022

Our team is excited to introduce Dan Ariely, Renowned Behavioural Economics Expert as our next speaker at BRAND MINDS 2022!


At BRAND MINDS 2022, Dan Ariely will share his top insights on the deep understanding of consumer behaviour trends

Attendees will learn:

  • How cognitive science can impact your business development;
  • How to upgrade your marketing strategy by leveraging consumer trends;
  • What drives your consumers to make decisions;
  • How to better deliver value to your clients by leveraging human behaviour trends.

Selected in Top 50 Most Influential Global Thinkers

Dan Ariely is a Renowned Behavioural Economics Expert with 2 PhDs in cognitive psychology and business administration.

He is the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics at Duke University and has over 20 years of academic research experience.

Listed in Bloomberg’s Top 50 Most Influential Thinkers, an elite international ranking featuring individuals with “the ability to move markets or shape ideas and policies”, Dan Ariely is one of the most influential authorities in behavioural economics in the world.


His insights have impacted +27 million people worldwide

His unique psychological insights on decision-making and behavioural economics described in his speeches have helped people in every corner of the world improve their lives and make better decisions.

Drawing on his findings, companies are able to create successful marketing strategies by better understanding what drives people’s buying behaviour, such as the IKEA effect.

The IKEA effect is one of the consumer behaviour patterns that he identified, which causes people to value things more highly if they made them themselves.

Co-founder of a renowned research lab with partners all over the world

Dan Ariely is the co-founder of the Center for Advanced Hindsight, an organization helping people become happier, healthier, and wealthier with behavioural science on a global scale.

The center has partnered with renowned tech companies, health organizations, banks, non-profits, and governments with the common goal of using behavioural science to improve the financial and health wellbeing of people worldwide.

Developed a search tool used by Google today

Dan Ariely was the co-founding member of the company which developed Simpli, a powerful internet search tool that Google is using today for its search and advertising platform AdSense.

3x New York Times Bestselling Author

He is the author of 3 New York Times bestsellers that have impacted the lives of millions of readers worldwide: Predictably Irrational, The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty and The Upside of Irrationality.

The NBC network has recently announced that it would adapt Dan Ariely’s bestseller Predictably Irrational into a TV show.

BRAND MINDS 2022 is 75% sold

If you were still on the fence about attending this year’s event, please be aware that other participants are not. Tickets are selling fast! While General and Business tickets are available, First Class tickets are sold out.

The participants attending BRAND MINDS 2022 are top executives, investors, startup founders, sales specialists, marketing and advertising experts.

Translation into Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Turkish available

We are expecting over 6000 professionals from all over the world to attend this year. To make sure no insight offered by the speakers on stage is lost due to the language barrier, we provide attendees with translation into the above mentioned languages.

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