Mădălin Preda (Deqod) – On Leadership and Technology

Mădălin Preda is CMO and co-founder of Deqod. Deqod is a custom software and digital innovation company that empowers thought leaders, growing companies and visionary startups to unlock their company valuation and greater profitability through strategic technology development.

The company is specialized in developing solutions for mobile and e-commerce, leveraging latest technology like AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, bots, IoT (internet of things) and Blockchain.

The team behind Deqod has gained vast experience in the e-commerce solutions field with over 1,000 merchants using their apps for their businesses.

echipa ChatX.ai

Echipa ChatX / startupcafe.ro

ChatX Search is one of the solutions crafted by Deqod; the bot helps retail businesses boost online store sales with the same traffic.

Learn more: How To Use Chatbots To Increase Sales

I was interested to learn Mădălin Preda’s perspective on technology and leadership so I asked him the following questions:

1. What is the relationship between technology & leadership? Does leadership drive technology?

Technology has a very big impact on our lives nowadays, there is no question about it. We are humans. We invented and developed technologies to improve our lives as much as we can.

Technology has changed our day to day routine so much by automating part of some processes and giving us extra time to spend it on different priorities. But not just that, also the way we do things.

We connect more and more with people online and less face to face. The way we do business changes since we’re starting to have more and more AI that is taking over implementation processes that used to be done by people.

At a high management level, technology can be one of the most useful tools to help us become better leaders.

Leadership nowadays has so many ways to reach people’s needs that it didn’t have before. Communication channels improved exponentially in the past years giving us the possibility to reach and influence people on a deeper level.

Your message as a leading brand in your industry has a bigger potential to be heard and understood by your audience nowadays through technology. The ways you motivate sales teams, build customer loyalty and connect with peers through various social media platforms and blogging changed as well.

There is no question about the fact that technology is the main support that helps in spreading the word like never before.

2. Henry Ford is known to have said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” What challenges did you encounter while working with your customers to deliver them technological solutions?

Customers sometimes can’t find the perfect way to explain to us their real problems. Some of them may not even know what they need (from a technical perspective). However, what they can tell us in customer jargon, is how they feel when using a product, its colours, design and what they can or can’t use.

The biggest challenge is to fulfil their expectations that constantly keep on changing, by keeping ourselves one step ahead.

You should begin building a foundation that helps you understand your customers, in order to create a bridge between your brand and your audience. Ask questions around their problems and then bridge the gap with your innovation.

Finally, it’s about establishing the customer satisfaction gap by comparing the customer expectations about the product with the actual product performance.

Call it psychology or not, but after you understand their perspectives, you can validate these findings with intuitive modes and methods.

3. What are the core values of your leadership?

From my perspective, I truly believe the easiest part of leadership is deliberating business decisions or making your voice be heard.

Then comes the hard part, being sure everyone on your team knows and feels how appreciated they are.

Our job isn’t to lead the team, but rather to support them.

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By giving someone a push to become more visible and showing interest in their inputs, you are making them know that they really matter.

Without open and transparent communication, there is little room for innovation, collaboration, and engagement with your employees.

Leaders need to start treating employees as humans, not numbers.

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