20 digital tools for successful marketers

Successful marketers are marketers who work smart and hard. GPT-4, the upgraded version of ChatGPT, is all the rage right now with marketers in every industry trying their hands at it. Digital tools are here to make our lives easier and help us achieve our goals faster.

20 digital tools for successful marketers

1. Wavve – Turn audio files into videos for sharing on social media

2. unDraw – Create better-designed websites, products and applications with open-source illustrations

unDraw open source illustrations

3. Tagbox – Creative asset management made easy

Tagbox creative asset management

4. Mangools – A bundle of 5 simple but powerful SEO tools made for an effective SEO workflow

Mangools seo tools

5. Exploding topics – Discover the hottest new trends

exploding topics discover the hottest trends

6. Vouch – Communicate with your audience async with short, guided videos

vouch communicate with your audience

7. Advanced Ads – Monetize your website with a flexible and high-performing plugin

8. SendinBlue – All your marketing digital tools in one place

9. Mockrocket.io – Create device mockups and product videos right in your web browser

10. Superside.com – The Creative-as-a-Service platform to unbottleneck your creative process

11. Shorthand.com – Build beautiful digital stories that get results, without web designers or developers

12. Figma – The collaborative interactive design tool, recently acquired by Adobe

13. Testimonial.to – Collect and embed testimonials in minutes

14. GPT4 by OpenAI – The large language model producing more useful responses

15. Blue Jeans by Verizon – Better virtual meetings for free. Meet as long as you want.

16. Synthesia – Creating videos from plain text in minutes text. An AI video creation platform

17. Adobe podcast – The future of audio for people with stories to tell

18. Jasper – AI Copywriter for business helping teams create brand-tailored content 10x faster

19. Midjourney – AI platform creating images from textual descriptions

20. NeuralText – AI writing assistant and tools for SEO

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