Mighty Networks, the community platform that helps you drive business revenue

You’ve spent months, maybe a year or two to grow your Facebook Group. Whether you provide coaching, tips and tricks on how to lose weight or recommendations that help people get hired faster, you’ve been there for your group’s members day in and day out, giving value while keeping the trolls at a distance. Suddenly you realize managing your Facebook Group has turned into a full-time job. The group is a valuable resource for its members but is generating costs and little to no revenue for your business.

What if there was a better way to grow an engaged community and also drive revenue from it?

I recently came across Mighty Networks when someone in my LinkedIn network mentioned it in a comment as a community-focused platform.

Hm, I haven’t heard of Mighty Networks. What is it? Let’s find out!

Mighty Networks, the community-focused platform that helps you build your business

Create a Community-Powered Brand with Mighty Networks from Mighty Networks on Vimeo.

Mighty Networks enables entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies to create and grow a community-powered business. It is a platform where you can bring your community, online courses, and memberships together in one place.

You can build a landing page for your business, publish articles, share content and create an online course platform for your audience.

What do you get when you choose Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks offers its users three plans they can choose from: the free plan, the business plan ($81/month) and the community plan ($23/month).

Being a pay-to-get-access community is actually a plus because if it’s free, the commitment isn’t there. When people pay a membership fee, it’s an investment and both parties, the Mighty Host (that’s how businesses on Mighty Networks are named) and its paying members are much more likely to engage, add value and contribute to their communities and the growth of their members.

Here are some of the features you get depending on your chosen plan:

  • Personalized activity feeds for members
  • Topics, articles and direct messaging
  • Choose from public, private, and secret privacy options
  • Use your own domain name for your Mighty Network
  • Message ALL members (reach 100% of your members whenever you want)
  • Polls and questions
  • Organize events locally or virtually with text chat, Zoom, Facebook Live, or Crowdcast integrations
  • Notify ALL members of any post you make or activity you think is important
  • Access detailed analytics on every member, every post, and all activity

These are just a few features, check the complete list.

Also, it’s important to mention that Mighty Networks is 100% ad-free, GDPR compliant, SEO friendly and mobile-first.


source: Mighty Networks Facebook page

What else should you know?

Unlike the experience on Facebook, there are no distractions on Mighty Networks, no cat or baby videos that the algorithm pushes in front of us which makes maintaining focus a big challenge for everyone.

Mighty Networks doesn’t encourage distraction, it encourages focus so it’s better for your business.

Also, you may have noticed in the features mentioned above that with Mighty Networks you can message all members of your community, something you can’t do on Facebook Groups unless you become friends with every one of them.

What else can you achieve on Mighty Networks that you can’t with Facebook Groups? The goal of this article is not to do a comprehensive comparison with Facebook Groups so I invite you to find out by yourself.

Over the past few years, businesses have come to realize that being on Facebook had become a pay-to-play game. The algorithm is set up so that businesses need to pay Facebook to show one post to all their page followers. That is not the case with Mighty Networks.

The company’s 2017 news release says that Mighty Networks employs proprietary algorithms and smart technology built from the ground up for interests.

Businesses that have shifted their online community from other community-focused platforms have seen a higher engagement rate and the interactions much more meaningful, than on other platforms (source).

What differentiates Mighty Network from other community platforms?

Here are the main differentiating factors:

  1. Members are connected by their location, by the topics they choose and the categories they define
  2. Content and conversations never get lost
  3. Everything for an interest is in one place

I would also add that your personal data is not sold to third-parties for revenue generation.


source: Mighty Networks Facebook page

Here’s how you can drive business revenue depending on your chosen pricing plan:

  • Charge for access to your membership site or group
  • Charge for access to your online courses
  • Becoming a Mighty Affiliate

You can set up payments within your Mighty Network and charge a one-time purchase or a subscription purchase. Stripe is the payment processor on Mighty Networks and you can charge a max price of $999.


Mighty Networks could be a good solution for your business if you:

  • Are looking to build an online membership
  • Have grown disappointed with Facebook (and there are plenty of reasons to)
  • Are looking to have a course platform and community all together in one place
  • Are trying to facilitate the conversation with your customers or user base
  • Are looking to get involved and to learn more about what your community may need
  • Are struggling with keeping your users on one platform
  • Want to personally email your audience

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