What is a meaningful brand?

60% of the content created by the world’s leading 1,500 brands is “just clutter” that has little impact on consumers’ lives or business results, by being poor, irrelevant or failing to deliver, showed a report by media agency Havas, quoted by Media Week UK. The ‘Meaningful Brands’ study looked at the role of content and it questioned 375,000 people across 33 countries. Furthermore, the study found that 84% of the respondents expect brands to produce content,that can range from digital content such as podcasts or a web series to experiential events.

“Driven by their increased interconnectivity, audiences have now become media
platforms in their own right. It’s now more important than ever to effectively engage these audiences so that they will propel your brand’s values, messages and drive loyalty, recommendation and ultimately, sales. We also live in a world of content overload. A world where every day 500 million tweets, 4.3 billion Facebook messages and 500 million hours of YouTube footage are sent, posted and uploaded. In this world, only brands that form more meaningful connections with people will prosper. Brands need to know why people care, and what makes their brands meaningful,” said Yannick Bolloré, Chairman and CEO, Havas Group.

The shocking news is that, according to the study, the respondents declared that they wouldn’t care if 74% of the brands they are using daily would disappear and that less than 27% percent of the brands that exist are improve our quality of life and wellbeing. 

But what does a meaningful brand stand for? According to Havas’ results, a meaningful brand is defined by its impact on our personal and collective wellbeing, plus its functional benefits. Content’s role is to educate, inform, entertain, inspire, reward and help,while great content is a great driver of personal wellbeing and therefore meaningfulness.

More about the study and how your brand can reach meaningfulness, one can read here.

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