10 fast-converting words to use in your digital marketing strategy

These 10 fast-converting words are powerful and will help you get one step ahead of your competition.

Use them in your blog or email headlines, social media posts, YouTube and TikTok videos to grab your audience’s attention and stop them from scrolling down.


Tell your audience how your product or service helps them by saving time, energy or money. Show them how they can spend their time or money on what is important to them (more time for family or hobbies, more money for travel, etc).


What does your audience care the most about? Their dreams, their goals, their family, their lives – themselves. Imagine you have a cup of coffee with your prospect and he/she is sitting across the table. Talk to them in the second person (‘you’, ‘your’) like you would in a real-life situation. Make your message about the customer, not your brand.


Why wait when you can have your cake and eat it too? In a world where successful businesses are built around instant or almost instant gratification (ex: Amazon’s same-day delivery), tell your audience how fast your product solves their problem. Solutions that are quick are more appealing. 


Content that teaches your audience how to do something important to them (write a pitch, plan a high-level meeting, network with decision-makers and so on) is highly valuable. Create educational content and use one of these power words to raise your conversion rates and position your brand as the authority in your industry.


Your audience is hungry for the latest updates on the topics of their interest whether it’s how to sail the big seas or how to expand into a new market. The world is moving fast and what worked three years ago might not work next year. Build a relationship based on trust by helping your audience achieve their goals with valuable relevant and up-to-date information. It’s also worth noting that your audience will feel special when they are the first you share important information with.


Talking about costs at the wrong time is a surefire way to make your audience grow cold with your brand which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Warm your audience by helping them see what’s in it for them, what benefits your product brings to them and how it will make their lives easier. Present your product as an investment and show them the ROI of their investment.


Premium products are for VIP customers. Let your audience know your brand provides them with a high-end high-quality product. Show them how important and valuable they are to your company.


Every customer wants to feel special so build a community where your brand can share unique features, perks and benefits designed especially for your audience. It will help your brand stay top of mind and build a strong relationship.


No one wants to put in too much effort. The frictionless product or service wins the customer. If your product takes 3 clicks to order and your competitor’s, 10, your customer will choose your product. Tell your audience how easy it is to use your product and see your conversion number skyrocket.


Human beings are highly attached to stories, and these tend to stick in people’s minds more effectively than a straight sales message. Invite your audience to an imagination exercise and help them envision how your product would change their lives for the better.

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