Funnel helps businesses answer all their marketing questions

What is Funnel?

Funnel is a Software as a Service company that is building a Data Core to help businesses become fully data-driven and answer all their marketing and business questions easily with the help of the data they have.

The company is the 2020 winner of the Hottest Saas or B2B Startup Award at The Europas, the competition that recognizes and celebrates the innovation emerging from Europe’s burgeoning tech startup scene.

Funnel was co-founded by Fredrik Skantze (CEO) and Per Made (CCO) in 2014. According to techcrunch, the company has raised a total of $68M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 17, 2020, from a Series B round. The company now has over 140 employees with offices in Stockholm, Sweden (head office) and Boston, USA.

Funnel’s mission

Funnel is transforming digital marketing, putting Business-Ready Data at the fingertips of marketers so they always know with certainty what is truly driving performance. Funnel’s Data Core, with its contextual data model, takes messy, siloed data from all marketing platforms to automatically generate Business-Ready Data that is fully harmonized, up-to-date and always ready to act upon.

Marketers can now say Goodbye to manually collecting data. Funnel is the platform that helps marketers automate their data collection so they can focus on analysis and taking actions.

How does Funnel work?

Funnel works in three easy steps:

  1. Collect. With integrations to all your marketing and advertising platforms, Funnel automatically collects all the data you need from any data source.
  2. Transform. Easily clean, map and group your data in Funnel’s powerful data mapping interface.
  3. Feed. Feed all your marketing data into any tool you like. Power your business intelligence tool with marketing data, feed it directly to your data warehouse, dashboard solution, Google Data Studio or Sheets, or any other tool you are using.

Collect data from +500 marketing and advertising platforms

You can collect data from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms such as the usual Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebooks Ads, Google Search Console, LinkedIn, but also MailChimp, Shopify, TikTok, Quora, Criteo, Booking.com and many more.

Benefits of using Funnel

Funnel has many benefits across the organization. Here are 4 of them:

Digital Marketing. If you are a digital marketer, Funnel can help you access a meaningful data set at will with no need for coding. Successful marketers are a combination of two worlds: creativity and analysis. With creativity covered, Funnel helps the marketer with the analysis aspect of her work by understanding the impact of her investments.

Data analytics/Business Intelligence. The phrase Data is the new oil was first used in 2006 by British mathematician Clive Humby.

Here is his full quote:

“Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity; so data must be broken down, analyzed for it to have value.” 

It’s the difference between counting likes and calculating ROI.

Engineering/IT Department. Building marketing integrations, maintaining connections and answering support tickets can now be replaced with Funnel. Engineers are free to invest their time on the projects they enjoy and ultimately bring more value to their company.

Customer stories

By using Funnel, the UK-based early-stage investor Seedrs has decreased the time and resources allocated to collect and analyse data exponentially. Thanks to the platform’s real-time data collecting process, both organic and paid, the company’s teams have become more accountable and they have a clearer picture of what is performing and what is not. Their business objectives have improved by 30%.

Trivago, one of the world’s largest search and price comparison sites for accommodation had trouble finding a scalable solution for data collection. With Funnel, Trivago has automated the marketing data collection and streamlined the reporting process. This has saved the marketing team time, produced timely cost reports and most importantly for Trivago, boosted team morale.

Combining fashion and technology, Lanieri is a made-to-measure Italian suits eCommerce store. The company advertises in 5 countries, across 12 ad platforms including Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn. Before Funnel, creating marketing reports was time-consuming because it was done manually. The reports were prone to errors and knowing which campaign was most efficient and had the best ROAS was difficult. With Funnel, Lanieri increased ROAS by 43% in 12 months and is now able to experiment with new advertising platforms more easily.

Funnel is for…

Data Analysts, Digital Marketers, Engineers in agencies, retail and eCommerce.

5 Benefits for eCommerce

  1. Recommended to companies running multi-market eCommerce.
  2. Accurate reports on costs vs sales
  3. 8-10 hours saved per month
  4. Up to 60% of marketing costs eliminated
  5. Make more effective marketing decisions

6 Benefits for Agencies

  1. Save time with automated client reporting
  2. Build client trust with data transparency
  3. Easily prove the ROI of your marketing activities to your clients
  4. Rollup and tracking of all your clients in one place
  5. Scalable, robust and cost-efficient agency operations
  6. Easily communicate and display the value of your work in any tool

6 Benefits for Retail

  1. Automated integration of data from all online and offline sources. This enables users to quickly produce high-quality retail marketing reports.
  2. Save time and increase efficiency by reducing the strain on the IT and marketing departments.
  3. No more switching between multiple marketing platforms and accounts to access your data.
  4. Make fast data-driven decisions across your organization with a centralized marketing data hub.
  5. Flexible and intuitive data transformation tools make it easy to start making meaningful analysis from the beginning.
  6. Scheduled exports to Data Warehouses, BI solutions and visualization tools ensure the data is available when and where you need it.

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