3 best lead generation tools to get highly targeted leads

Looking for the best lead generation tools to get highly targeted leads and increase sales?

Here is our pick of the best 3 lead generation tools to help you get high quality leads:

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of LinkedIn’s business tools.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers you the opportunity to leverage the extensive database of LinkedIn, which has more than 562 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can:

  1. Target – Find the right people and companies faster;
  2. Understand – Keep track of key lead and company changes;
  3. Engage – Reach and engage with prospects.

What can you achieve with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

  • Advanced Lead and Company Search

Find the right people and companies with a search experience that delivers the most relevant prospects.

  • Lead Recommendations

Quickly discover the right people at your target accounts with suggestions customized for you.

  • CRM Integration

Automatically save the leads and accounts you are selling to and log Sales Navigator activity to CRM in a single click.

  • Real-time sales update

Get relevant insights on your accounts and leads, including job changes.

  • Notes and Tags

Organize your leads and accounts with tags, and take notes that can be synced back to CRM.

  • Who’s viewed your profile

View the expanded list of who’s viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

  • InMail Messages

Reach over 500 million members on LinkedIn, even if you’re not connected to them.

  • Point Drive Presentations

Package and share sales content in a way that’s better for both the buyer and seller. They can see content without downloading, and you get to track who has viewed what.

  • TeamLink

Uncover the best ways to connect with prospects through your company’s combined network.

Newly added features in LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool:

  • Deals

Deals allows reps and managers to effectively collaborate on their pipeline. It is a single place to access all pipeline details including the people involved in the deal. This real-time visibility into pipeline leads to extremely productive deal review sessions allowing managers to know when to guide reps and prevent stalling or potentially losing deals.

  • The Buyer Circle

The Buyer Circle feature enables reps and managers to better understand the decision makers involved and identify key players who may be missing. With this visibility, sales managers can hold their reps accountable to build relationships with the right people, and also coach reps on strategies to influence each stakeholder and move the deal forward.


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Symantec’s Success Story with LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Before using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Symantec was buying out-of-date lists of contacts and was selling over 200 products by phone. Soon they realised they needed a new sales strategy.

Symantec launched a comprehensive social selling programme centred on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, complete with training, analysis, and reinforcement. This social selling tool enabled Symantec to bring together sales and marketing like never before.


  • Symantec’s SSI (social selling index) increased to an average of 57.8, a full 47% higher than the competition’s average of 39.2;
  • Symantec’s Sales Navigator users are 2x as strong at engaging with insights than the competition, 45% more effective at finding the right prospects on LinkedIn, 58% more effective at building relationships and connecting with decision makers;
  • Expanded social and brand footprint;
  • A greater sphere of influence.

2. Marketo


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Marketo is a marketing automation platform for companies of all sizes. It offers a wide range of solutions: lead management, mobile marketing, customer base marketing, consumer marketing and email marketing.

With Marketo’s lead management tool, companies can attract buyers and nurture them with personalized campaigns, so sales can step in when they are engaged and ready.

Here is what you can achieve with Marketo’s lead management tool:

  • Drive More Top-Of-Funnel Activity

Attract top-of-funnel traffic through inbound and outbound programs, and convert leads with landing pages and progressive forms.

  • Improve Your Lead Quality

Develop and qualify potential buyers well before they’re passed to sales with relevant, uniquely personalized nurturing campaigns and robust scoring capabilities.

  • Help Your Sales Team Win

Prioritize best bets and focus sales conversations with quality and urgency ratings and with integrations with Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Measure what matters and build on your success

Powerful, easy-to-use reporting lets you attribute success to activities throughout your funnel.

  • Scale your campaign execution

Engage potential buyers at scale anywhere in their lifecycle with automated, personalized campaigns and deliver a cohesive and compelling story across all of your channels.


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Panasonic’s Success Story with Marketo’s lead management tool


Prior to using Marketo’s lead management tool, Panasonic struggled with targeting larger customers without losing any of the run rate business in their channel. With over 460 constantly changing products and 63,000 pages on 72 websites in 22 languages, managing different customer databases was a difficult task to accomplish.


Panasonic has chosen Marketo’s lead management tool in 2013.

Here are Panasonic’s results following 18 months of using this tool:

  • Increased share of new sales pipeline: from 10% to 26%;
  • 5x growth of the volume of marketing campaigns: over 100 per month without any increase in Marketing staff or budget;
  • Increased contacts in the CRM system: from 55,000 to 110,000;
  • Valuable insights into the buying patterns and online behaviour of their prospects;
  • A competitive advantage.

3. Qualaroo


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Qualaroo is a lead-generation tool that focuses on capturing qualitative insights.

How can you benefit from Qualaroo’s lead-generation tool?

  • Understand and update buyer personas

Engage users intelligently by adapting to what actions they’ve taken on your website or app.

Deliver customized content to users specific to where they came from geographically.

Target users based on how they landed on your website by URL, campaign etc.

  • Conduct sentiment analysis

With keyword analysis and emotional scores, you can create unique experiences for customers based on how they feel about your product or service.

Qualaroo’s sentiment analysis engine is powered by IBM Watson to help you make decisions in real-time based on the feedback collected.

  • Customer decision analysis

Customer decision analysis is an emerging field focused deeply and specifically on four key components:

  1. timing (when you should ask),
  2. analysis (how to process hundreds of responses),
  3. questioning (how to phrase questions, what topics to cover, and what gets customers engaged and talking)
  4. presentation of results (present all data you have collected to drive real change within your company).
  • Growth direction

Because your survey results show you what to do next, your surveys become a mechanism for your company’s growth.


image source: pcmag.com

Hootsuite’s Success Story with Qualaroo


Hootsuite wasn’t happy with how their website’s landing page converted visitors to customers.

Using Qualaroo’s surveys, Hootsuite found that 65% of their landing page visitors needed more information before they could make a buying decision. Even though their branded traffic knew the name “Hootsuite” enough to search for it, they didn’t understand what Hootsuite actually does—and that was because the landing page didn’t communicate Hootsuite’s core value proposition.


Qualaroo showed the direction where Hootsuite needed to make a change. Hootsuite updated their landing page to clarify their product’s core functions. This change resulted in a 16% lift in conversion.

See Which Companies Visit Your Website with These 3 Lead Generation tools

Do you have a B2B service or product? Do you want to know which companies are visiting your website?

Google Analytics shows you a great amount of traffic to your website, but doesn’t show you exactly who browsed it. Wouldn’t this information be useful to your sales and marketing team? Of course it would!

We are coming to your aid and present you with 3 lead generation tools that show you which companies have visited your website. All you have to do is turn them into customers!

Here they are:

1. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is a lead generation tool that identifies which companies have visited your website by integrating with your Google Analytics code.


  • Google Analytics integration

Unlike many other lead generation tools available, you don’t need to install any additional tracking code on your website. Google Analytics has all the information you need, it is just not giving it to you! Leadfeeder integrates with your Google Analytics code and extracts what you need to know.

  • Company details

Leadfeeder show you company’s name, industry, location, how many employees, contact information (employers’ name and email addresses), company website and social media accounts, which pages it visited, how many times and minutes.

  • LinkedIn connection

Leadfeeder leverages the power of LinkedIN and shows who you’re connected to at a visiting company so you can start a conversation with minimal effort.

  • Automatic lead scoring

Your hottest leads are automatically placed at the top of your lead list so you know where to focus your attention next.

  • Email alerts

Timing is everything so you get email alerts when your target company visits. What’s the no 1 secret for lead-generation success? Get them while they’re hot!

  • MailChimp integration

After sending an email you can monitor what recipients do on your website, then steer conversations using this behavioural intelligence.

Leadfeeder pricing plans:

Leadfeeder’s pricing starts at $59/month and works its way up to $399/month with additional plans in between. Discounts are available with annual subscriptions. You can give Leadfeeder a try to see if it is the right fit for your company with its free, 14-day premium trial.

2. Hubspot


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Hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

Within its sales online platform, Hubspot provides you with a lead management feature. This feature enables you to track prospects’ visits to your site in real time, determine which companies are the most engaged, and set up custom email notifications for your team. The Hubspot lead-generation tools works with Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook or Office 365 for Windows.


  • Tracking code

To view a list of companies that have visited your website and track these visits, you need to add the HubSpot tracking code to your company website. It detects the IP addresses associated with each page view on your site and then provides you with your visitor’s information.

  • Company details

Hubspot shows you company name, location, number of visits, industry, annual revenue, and location.

  • Email automation

You can give everyone on your team a daily email digest of the prospects that matter to them. Set up automated emails and revisit notifications to alert your team when the companies they care about are visiting your site.

  • Favourite or hide

You may want to hide a prospect if it’s a competitor that you don’t care to track. Favourite a prospect if you want to return to their information at a later date.

  • LinkedIn integration

You can access the company’s LinkedIn profile or go to the company’s website.

Hubspot pricing plans:

For their Sales Hub Professional platform, Hubspot offers three subscription plans: free, starter (euro 46/month) and professional (euro 368/month).

3. Visiblee


Visiblee is a unique SaaS Solution for lead generation, which identifies individual anonymous website visitors.


  • Tracking code

The Visiblee proprietary technology gathers information about website visitors by identifying IP-addresses, cookies, and metadata via a script installed on the website.

  • Company details

The Visiblee lead generation tool shows you industry sector, location, financial information, and most importantly get contact information for relevant profiles in the company visiting your website.

Additional relevant business information is gathered in real-time by powerful search engines from external web sources and databases. In many cases, even the individual decision maker browsing your site.

  • Lead scoring

Taking into account your company’s specific target market and customer behaviour the leads are scored by Visiblee machine learning algorithms.

  • Email nurturing program

Each lead is automatically integrated into an email-nurturing program, which guarantees the visibility of the customer’s brand and reinforces the ROI.

  • Email alert

Get an email alert every morning with the hottest leads browsing your website.


Visiblee pricing plans:

Visiblee offers custom pricing. Before asking them for a custom price for your company, you can take Visiblee out for a spin with its 14-day free trial.

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