Confused About Your Mobile Marketing Results? This Platform Tells you Which is Which!


Are you running mobile marketing campaigns? Are you confused about your mobile marketing results?

Dear marketer, there is a solution to your problems!


AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution & marketing analytics platform, helping app marketers around the world make better decisions.

Here is what you can measure with AppsFlyer:

  1. In-App events
  2. ROI
  3. Email campaigns
  4. CPI
  5. TV campaigns
  6. Lifetime value
  7. Social ads
  8. QR Codes
  9. CPA

The companies using AppsFlyer are in the following industries:

  • Gaming
  • Ecommerce and retail
  • Travel
  • Agencies

AppsFlyer Won the Hottest Marketing/Adtech Startup at The Europas Awards 2018

The Europas Awards is the European Tech Startup Awards honouring the hottest startups, unicorns founders, investors and blockchain projects in the European ecosystem, in partnership with TechCrunch.

AppsFlyer was voted the winner of the Marketing/Adtech Startup category which means the platform is now “Europe’s leading platform for mobile attribution & marketing analytics” according to TechCrunch.


AppsFlyer has emerged as the mobile measurement industry standard because it empowers advertisers with unbiased and transparent attribution analytics. Most importantly, we value the integrity of maintaining our clients’ data private and secure, which has earned the trust of more than 4000 network and analytics partners who have integrated with us. Rest assured, we will never sell data to any third-party platforms.

AppsFlyer team

AppsFlyer by numbers

  • The platform was co-founded by Oren Kaniel and Reshef Mann in 2011;
  • It has 15 offices around the world and this number is growing;
  • It partnered with 4000 companies;
  • Raised over $84M from top VCs to date;
  • Has surpassed $100M in annual recurring revenue in the third quarter of 2018 – growing 100 per cent every 12 months, according to mobilemarketingmagazine.com;
  • Is now found on 7bn mobile devices;
  • It blocked an estimated $6.5M a day of ad fraud for his clients using its anti-fraud solutions.

Here are the main features and insights AppsFlyer provides through its platform:

  1. mobile attribution;
  2. mobile app marketing analytics;
  3. connection with an ecosystem;
  4. data integrity.

Let’s dive in and discover how each feature can help you measure your results!

1. Mobile attribution

  • User acquisition attribution

Attribute every app install to the marketing campaign and media source that drove it. Granular dashboards report which network or channel, ad type, ad group, and ad creative drove each user.

  • OneLink™ Universal Deep Linking

OneLink™ Universal Deep Linking attributes leads from any marketing activity, improves your conversion rates and boosts your customer experience across every platform and environment.

  • Integrated Partners

Deep integrations with nearly every media source and marketing platform including Facebook, Google, and Twitter which makes it easy to attribute every install to its source.

  • TV Attribution

Real-time TV attribution solution which measures the impact of your TV campaigns.

  • Multi-touch Attribution

Users will often interact with multiple ads before making the final decision to install. This feature allows you to gain vital early funnel insights by knowing which media sources “assisted” each install – via a click or a view – as well as which drove the final install.

  • Retargeting Attribution

Easily discover which campaigns drive the strongest user re-engagement and reactivation, in addition to the added value (ROI) these efforts bring to your app.

  • Validation Rules

Take control and enforce your IOs. Limit attribution per media source or campaign to your defined targeting, saving time and money.

  • Web Attribution

Seamlessly connect your web activity with your AppsFlyer data to measure, personalize and optimize your omnichannel journey.

  • IO Builder – Fraud Appendix

Add a fraud appendix to you IO using this simple, free wizard. Protect your media spend and your time, by setting your terms before you go live.

2. Mobile App Marketing Analytics

  • Impressions and cost reporting;
  • Omni-channel measurement;
  • LTV reporting;
  • ROI reporting;
  • Rich in-app events;
  • Ad revenue attribution;
  • Uninstall attribution.

3. Connection with an ecosystem

  • Media sources

Measure your performance across every media provider in the world.

  • Analytics platform

Integrated analytics platforms include Adobe Marketing Cloud, IBM, Swrve, MixPanel, Localytics and more.

  • Retargeting

Sync your rich-in app events with retargeting networks to target specific users.

  • Marketing automation

AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with mobile marketing automation providers allow marketers to easily use their attribution data to segment and target their push and in-app messaging, email marketing, personalization, user flow management, A/B testing and more.

  • Agency integrations

Manage all of your partner agencies using dozens of agency integrations including local boutique agencies, specialty shops and nearly every major global agency.

  • Agency transparency

Get full insights into any agency’s media spend and performance data right in your AppsFlyer dashboard.

4. Data integrity

Transparency isn’t just a buzzword, it’s how we do business.

Here are the platform’s features which ensure data integrity and protection:

Transparency to the core

  • The AppsFlyer team has made the platform’s internal Pingdom overview reports accessible to the public;
  • They offer both advertiser and agency level accounts – so that agencies can be as transparent as they want to be;
  • They also offer full Raw Data Reports covering everything from attribution and performance data to postbacks.

Independent and unbiased

  • No interest in the success of any ad network or affiliate network;
  • Doesn’t offer any paid products for ad or affiliate networks;
  • They have no financial relationships with any ad networks or affiliate networks.

Protect 360

  • Unique, scale enabled data-driven protection from the most advanced types of fraud, including device farms and DeviceID Reset Fraud;
  • Protects every element of your mobile business, from your user acquisition budgets to your omnichannel data integrity, time and budget allocation.

Here are some of AppsFlyer’s customers:

Alibababa, Walmart, Trivago, HBO, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Waze, Tinder and more.

Other advantages and benefits of working with AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is An official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner

AppsFlyer is an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner and is deeply integrated with Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Tencent Social Ads, Snapchat and others.


Pivot is an integrated, fully customizable pivot table solution for mobile marketers. Easily save, share and collaborate. No need to use offline spreadsheets or to wait for data scientists ever again.

Audience segmentation solution

AppsFlyer’s Audiences is built on deep, API-level integrations. This is the only audience segmentation solution that requires no manual field mapping or CSV downloads and uploads.

Facebook and Google Adwords Exclusive ROI feature

AppsFlyer delivers real-time, fully automated ROI reporting across over 75 media sources, including Facebook and Google AdWords, so you can optimize your campaigns based on the real value their installs deliver.

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