This App Helps you Choose your Clothes According to your Musical Taste

Would you let an app choose your clothes depending on your musical taste?

Let’s find out!

Fashion and music – two expressions of one’s individuality. The music we are listening to is speaking to the world about who we are, it has the power to accompany our mood or change it. The clothes we wear speak about us before we even say a word. They influence our self-esteem and others’ first impression of us.

Music influencing fashion (and vice versa) is a significant aspect of our culture: creativity flows naturally from music stages to fashion runways and back.

The years of rock-n-roll music have translated into blue jeans fashion styles. You could spot a punker a mile away: mohawk hairstyle and black-leather jackets. And we could go on and on. There is a plethora of books studying this cultural phenomenon of music and fashion influencing each other. By the way, choose which band were you listening to in the 90s, Metallica or Depeche Mode, and I’ll tell you what clothes you were wearing!

Although it’s nice to go down memory lane, this article is not about music and fashion history.


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Fashion + Music + AI = Happy Customers

One start-up founder believed in music’s power to help men choose better and more appropriate attires for various occasions. The man’s name is Julian Eison and the app is called FITS.

What is FITS?

FITS is an app, which suggests clothing for men based on their music preference.

How does FITS work?

The user logs into his Spotify account, allowing the app to access his listening data. He is then prompted to take a lifestyle quiz, which provides Julian’s company, Eison Triple Thread with important information such as the type of work and the industry of his client.

Once all the information is received, the app’s algorithm sifts through user’s Spotify data and pairs music genres and favourite artists with styles. The user then looks through these suggested outfits, giving his feedback with likes and dislikes. Finally, he’s served up Eison Triple Thread pieces that Eison says will properly reflect his personality as well as personal style. And because all the company’s menswear is made to measure, user can further customize each product, like choosing colour pairings or materials.

FITS is different than the e commerce recommendation engines

We are all accustomed to the recommendations we receive when we purchase items from an e commerce store. But according to his interview with Racked.com, Julian says FITS is not just another recommendation engine.

FITS is a more advanced way to recommend things to shoppers than by just saying, ‘Hey, someone bought this five minutes ago, you should too!’ The innovative app is able to add some nuance to the process, because the algorithm makes more fine-tuned recommendations the more it’s interacted with.

Julian Eison

We write emails with the help of AI, we let chatbots talk to our business customers and instruct virtual assistants to conduct medical interviews, why not follow music-based fashion recommendations made by AI?

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