3 Successful Businesses Founded by Hollywood Stars

Hollywood movie stars are famous, successful and creative.

Here are 3 businesses founded by Hollywood stars to fuel your inspiration and entrepreneurial drive:

1. Nikki Reed – BaYou with Love

Twilight series actress and conservationist Nikki Reed started her company BaYou with Love when she couldn’t find products in the fashion industry that were ethically made, sustainable, chemical-free.

She partnered with Morgan Bogle, founder of Freedom of Animals and together they spent a year developing BaYou with Love.


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Springtime is here! Stacking shapes and textures // Bayou With Love rings made from 100% recycled tech gold

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Ethical business – Conscious sourcing and sustainable production

Nikki and Morgan design jewellery, women clothing line and beauty products.

The company uses eco-friendly materials and technologically advanced production of recycling plastic for fabric.

The core value which drives BaYou with Love forward is the ethical decision to not harm the planet, the people and the animals. Therefore the company uses conscious sourcing and works with a Los Angeles based manufacturing facility that prioritizes ethical and sustainable production within their facility.

Their designs are made from natural and sustainable fabrics like cupro, recycled cotton canvas, tencel, post-consumer plastic, low chemical content chambrays and organic cotton.

Sustainable fashion is now, not later, and conscious consumption is an every day opportunity to make a better world. Bayou with Love is here to help pave the way.

Latest reports show only around 12.5% of electronics are responsibly recycled globally. It is estimated that our phones alone contain more than $60 million in gold and/or silver which are thrown away every year.

Electronics contain many valuable resources that can be recycled and upcycled. Dell and their partners have a process for extracting gold from old computer motherboards that is 99% more environmentally friendly than extracting gold from the earth. Not to mention the ethical benefits by avoiding the harsh labour conditions where gold is so often mined.

BaYou with Love jewellery collection is made from e-waste in collaboration with Dell which provided Nikki with gold responsibly extracted from recovered technology. She created two 14-18 karat gold jewellery collections (The Circular Collection and The One Earth Collection) from upcycled gold and conflict-free gemstones.

2. Hugh Jackman – Laughing Man Coffee

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman rose to global fame thanks to his amazing portrayal of Wolverine, the comics action hero. His personal interests outside the film industry have lead the Australian actor to social entrepreneurship.

Here’s the story:

In 2009, Hugh and his wife Deborra were filming a documentary in Ethiopia on fair trade coffee. The actor was interested to learn the difference fair trade makes to the coffee farmers and the environment. Here he meets Dukale, an Ethiopian coffee farmer who works hard to provide for his family. Hugh is impressed with Dukale’s struggle and returns to America to share his story and tell the world how vital fair trade coffee is to these farmers, their families and their communities overall.


Hugh Jackman and Dukale / dukalesdream.com

In 2011, Hugh founded The Laughing Man Coffee company. The company’s mission is to deliver premium fair trade coffee and give back to the farmers who produce it.

Fair Trade Coffee – Premium coffee and Support for the coffee farmers and their families

Hugh also started The Laughing Man Foundation which supports coffee farming communities by investing in social programs. The foundation is currently running two programs in Huila, Colombia: 100 homes will benefit from housing improvements and 40 families will be able to access college scholarships.

The Laughing Man Coffee brand is sold in two Laughing Man cafes located in New York. The cafes are successful and the customers love the coffee.

In 2014, the brand was acquired by Keurig Green Mountain, the world’s largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee in the world. Hugh said this acquisition rescued The Laughing Man Coffee brand from getting into franchising and risk losing quality control.

Hugh donates all his profits to the foundation.

3. Jennifer Garner – Once Upon a Farm

Actress Jennifer Garner acquired worldwide fame with her lead roles on the television series Alias and Hollywood film Elektra. Jennifer grew up on the family’s eighty-three-year-old farm; her mother would prepare delicious and healthy homemade meals for Jennifer and her six siblings using exclusively the vegetables and fruits provided by the land.

Now a mother of three, Jennifer became increasingly concerned with the quality of food she was feeding her babies. She remembered her own childhood at the farm and in 2018 she joined Once Upon a Farm as co-founder and Chief Brand Officer.


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⛱The unofficial start to summer starts now. #picnicseason // : @secondcitymom #feedfresh

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Healthier food for a healthier world

Once Upon a Farm prepares and sells organic, cold-pressed baby food blends. Each blend is made from organic ingredients which can be traced right back to the source and don’t contain preservatives, colours, concentrates or added sugars. Some of the fruits and vegetables in the blends are grown on Jennifer’s own family farm in Oklahoma.

Our mission is to nurture our children, each other and the earth in order to pass along a healthier and happier world for the next generation.

Once Upon a Farm is a member of the Organic Trade Association and a Certified B Corporation which means the company meets the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Since Jennifer joined the company, the business grew 10x. Once Upon a Farm smoothies and apple juices are currently sold in 8,500 grocery stores in the U.S and recently the company received a $20 million Series B investment.

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Looking to save the planet?

Are you looking to save the planet?

Are you concerned with e-waste?

Dell and actress Nikki Reed design gold jewellery from e-waste.

Check it out!

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Dell and Nikki Reed – Gold Jewellery made from Electronic Waste

Every year, over 50 million tons of Electronic Waste is created

According to statistics, only 12.5% of electronics are responsibly recycled globally. The rest of 87.5% is recycled in a standard fashion, by burning, which can have serious consequences such as: air, water and soil pollution.

$60 million-worth of Gold/Silver in Electronic Waste

Statistics have found that Americans are throwing away $60 million in gold and silver that come from un-recycled smartphones.

The E-Cycling Leadership Initiative

Together with Apple, HP, LG, Panasonic and other major electronics suppliers, Dell joined the E-Cycling Leadership Initiative.

The E-Cycling Leadership Initiative is committed to “the reusing, or the distribution for reuse of pieces of electronic equipment and their components at the end of their life cycle” .

In January 2018, Dell was the first electronics manufacturer to use recycled gold from e-waste in its products. Dell’s process for extracting gold from old computer motherboards is 99% more environmentally friendly than extracting gold from the earth.

There is 800x more gold in a tone of computer motherboards than in a tone of ore in the earth.


Pollution in the Fashion Industry

Another industry that is responsible for a lot of waste is fashion.

Just three years ago, in 2015, fashion was the second most polluting industry in the world, next to oil. The fashion industry had a serious impact on our society and the planet: sweatshops in third-world countries, increased levels of pollution, high carbon footprint, use of great amount of natural resources, toxic dyes waste etc.

In 2011, Greenpeace launched its Detox My Fashion campaign which asks the textile and fashion industry to urgently take responsibility for their contribution to toxic pollution.

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

In the last years, fashion has become waste-conscious and recycling-focused.

Ethical and sustainable fashion brands do right by their society, environment, employees and customers. According to The Ethical Fashion Forum, fashion sustainability means “maximizing benefits, while minimizing negative impact”. It’s a win-win situation.

As focus shifts to a circular economy, sustainability will evolve from being a menu of fragmented initiatives to being an integral and defining part of the entire fashion value chain.


BoF and McKinsey & Company conducted a research on sustainability in fashion – The State of Fashion 2018 which was published in January 2018.

Here are the main findings of this report:

  • Sustainability is moving to the core of the fashion industry;
  • Sustainability is driving innovation “to unlock technical innovations, efficiencies, and mission orientation”;
  • 42 out of 100 fashion brands have embraced sustainability in 2017;
  • Fashion brands are becoming aware that moving towards a business model that is sustainable and ethical is a powerful differentiator;
  • Sustainable and ethical fashion brands attract a new category of customers: the Millennials;
  • 66% of global Millennials are willing to spend more on brands that are sustainable.

We all should be thinking “circular” in our approach to design. One industry’s “trash” can be another’s treasure


Actress Nikki Reed (who starred in the Twilight series) started BaYou with Love when she couldn’t find products in the fashion industry that were ethically made, sustainable, chemical-free.

Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us and motivated by the lack of sustainable and natural options, BaYou With Love was born. It’s the way it makes you feel to merge thoughtful consumerism with effortlessly chic style. Sustainable fashion isn’t the future, it’s the present. Wearing BaYou is wearing love.

Dell approached Nikki Reed with the idea to design beautiful products from e-waste. Nikki accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and created two 14-18 karat gold jewellery collections: The Circular Collection and The One Earth Collection. The jewellery is made from upcycled gold from technology and conflict-free gemstones.













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