The Main 10 Tricks Any Marketer Should Know

Working in marketing may be one of the most beautiful jobs on Earth as it keeps you always up-to-date with the new trends in the market and is a very fast paced industry. At the same time, receiving some new ideas and points of view comes handy from time to time, therefore we decided to offer you some tricks that we believe will never get old.

1.Load up on data fast. “Facebook advertising can deliver the cheapest CPM’s in online marketing with the ability to test ad efficiency in real-time. Use the power editor “duplicate” tool to create hundreds of ads and change one element per ad. Give these a small budget, and you’ll quickly see what works and what doesn’t without breaking the bank. Double down on the ones that work, and kill the ones that don’t.” – Kyle Ivins, co-founder Envolve Agency for Entrepreneur.com

2.Reduce your subject lines to only one word and get an immediate lift in email marketing. Make sure that you choose that word carefully, as it should create curiosity, while at the same time remain relevant to your message.

3.Watch your competitors’ mentions. You can start by creating a Google Alert for your competitors’ brand names (the ones that you admire,of course). This way you will find out where they are being mentioned and in what context. When you will find an opportunity to be mentioned alongside them, on a subject that fits your business good and /or you have a great angle to approach and present, you should take advantage of it and try and appear in the same context. It’s important to know that journalists might be open to include your point of view.

4.Use Google Trends that recently added new features and simplified its navigation, in order to make it easier to explore data based stories.

5.Promote your content through a .com domain as often as possible. 84% of top-ranking pages use .com as their top-level domain.

6.Live stream as much as possible. This represents an easy way to attract visitors towards your channel, to introduce the customers to your team members, show live events of your company that can project you a real living brand for the customers.

7.Guest blog on popular industry sites and put a link back to your site within your byline or bio. This builds traffic as well as personal brand authority.

8.Re-invent the “old” content in such a manner that will bring something fresh to users who may not have seen it.

9.Use decoy pricing. This is a tactic that boosts sales of high-profit items by creating another version of the product solely to make the pricier versions seem economical by comparison.

10.Endorsed relationships. This is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet. They open doors, build trust and create opportunities. And that pretty fast and easy. All you have to do is find the right persons to take beside you and make sure you add this valuable business asset to your marketing mix.

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