How To Know If Your Webpages Are Keyword Relevant

More than ever any brand should want relevance and efficiency. Those should be words that stand out and make it count.

Therefore, when it comes to the online presence and how is your website performing, how do you know if the “Father” of all searches consider yours relevant or not? One of the best ways to see the ranking potential for a webpage is to see what it already ranks for. The first step is to pull the phrases you currently rank for. After having the basic ranking data, the next step is looking very carefully at the data and finding the additional keyword sets. To do this, you must focus on the phrases the site ranks for (in the top ten) and then count of all the individual words included with those keyword phrases. After looking for a certain phrase and seeing how your website ranks you must do the same search in the case of your competitors.

“Do you show up for a number of related phrases?  If yes, then your target keyword is probably fairly possible for you to rank for, even if you don’t currently show up in the top 50 for that target. If you’re ranking for related words, Google at least sees you as being relevant,” explains Search Engine Land.

When the data appears to be in your favor and you are ranking for numerous related phrases, then it is relatively straightforward on how to proceed. According to webdetail, it will consist on tweaking some things, as you will need to improve your content to improve its depth. This includes the target page as well as any supporting content. It may be possible to conduct some public relations and link building in order to support your standing as a relevant source.

If you did not rank for many related terms, then your next steps are somewhat similar to tweaking. However, you will simply need to do so with more intensity. An overhaul will be necessary due to the fact that Google is not seeing your web pages as relevant to the keyword or topic. What this means is that the process will be more expensive and the results will take longer to appear. If you do not currently have the time or budget for something like this, then it may be wise to consider approaching a new target keyword,” added webdetail.com.

Here are some tips on how to boost your listing, according to Forbes.

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