Ode to WorldChangers is the BRAND MINDS poem

Dear Worldchangers,

Last week we launched a creativity challenge on our social media pages: become one of the authors of the BRAND MINDS poem, Ode to WorldChangers.

We wrote the first strophe and invited you to write the next verse in the comments by taking into account the last one written there.

We were thrilled to see many of you getting creative and contribute beautiful verses to the poem:

Here are the co-authors of the BRAND MINDS poem and the verses they contributed:

  1. Florin Leuca (verse 8)
  2. George G. Uță (verse 6)
  3. Andrada Borda (verses 17-20)
  4. Extra Mile Strategies (verses 21-24)
  5. Magda Neagu (verse 12)
  6. Costin Flaviu (verse 5)
  7. Patricia Valentina (verse 7)
  8. Andreea Trancioveanu (verse 11)
  9. Iuliana Sandu (verse 16)
  10. Mihai Marin (verses 25-28)
  11. Alin Pop (verses 29-32)
  12. Ana-Maria Dimitrescu -Amdlifecoaching (verses 13 & 14)
  13. Diana Stirbu (verse 15)
  14. Stefania Bernard (verses 9 & 10)

Thank you for adding your voices to the BRAND MINDS poem!

Here is the final version of the poem:

Ode to WorldChangers

verse 1 Here’s to those who shape creation

verse 2 Here’s to those who change the world

verse 3 To the bold ones leading nations

verse 4 Raising voices to be heard.


verse 5 Here’s to artists crafting beauty

verse 6 Driven dreamers who explore

verse 7 Paths which no one walked before them

verse 8 For the sake of learning more.


verse 9 Here’s to the brave who dreamed the atoms

verse 10 Piecing them in the real world

verse 11 With ambitions flying higher than a bird

verse 12 We grow into pathfinders!


verse 13 And to all of those

verse 14 Who raise the consciousness of the world,

verse 15 With a vision yet unfolded

verse 16 Professionals or founders.


verse 17 When creators set the journey

verse 18 And believers follow strong

verse 19 There’s a madness that’s expanding

verse 20 Through the way ideas bond.


verse 21 Here’s to brilliant inventions

verse 22 Here’s to notions getting stirred

verse 23 Make creative innovation

verse 24 Fly as freely as a bird.


verse 25 Push your limits and don’t forget

verse 26 Someday your vision will conquer the horizon.

verse 27 With every decision made in no regret

verse 28 You’ll give wisdom that minds will enlighten.


verse 29 Enlightened minds and touched horizons,

verse 30 Humans walk among the Titans.

verse 31 This is what BRAND MINDS is all about

verse 32 Learning more and standing out.

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