How to refind yourself in business

There are moments in your business when you might think you have lost your purpose or the idea and passion you took with you at the beginning of the entrepreneurial road. Why do you do you recover them? How do you find your way back to have faith in your road again?

First of all, you have to understand that things never remain the same. We are all in a continuous change and evolution, therefore you are not the same person you were years ago. Your passions and ideas may change in the process, but what’s important is to make sure you are still driven by the core ideals and desires for your business.

Rewriting your business’ success story in six simple steps, as seen by Sam Ovens, for Startup Nation:

  1. Understand that nobody had defined you. You are not who you think you are
  2. Understand that the real question is not “Who am I?” but rather “Who do I want to become?”
  3. Understand that transformation, growth, improvement and change is 20 percent tactics like Facebook ads and sales funnels versus 80 percent forgetting who you are to make way for who you can become
  4. Feel like an impostor? Good. Do more of what makes you feel like that and push harder
  5. Pay attention to your mindset: it will seriously change your life. I have about 5,000 testimonials to prove this in regard to my own program
  6. Do something bold. Move into a new house or apartment. Leave the country. Quit your job. Whatever you need to do
  7. On her turn, Lamisha Serf-Walls offered in the article written for Huffington Post seven ways to find yourself when feeling lost: Remember what you love to do and go do it!, Go on an adventure, Reconnect with your dreams and dream BIG, Expand your comfort zone regularly,Get quiet and listen, Remember you have the power to be, have, and do anything you desire, Ask for help. Ideas that I am sure that put in practice will help you find your way in business, as well.

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