7 key work habits to help you get noticed by top management

Good habits bring many benefits not only to your life but to your career too. Build the following work habits and you will get noticed by top management.

7 work habits to help you get noticed by top management

Work Habit #1 – Respect and achieve deadlines. Speak up if the deadline is not realistic.

First, make sure you understand the nature of the task at hand and if it’s within your area of expertise.

Second, ask yourself: Is it necessary to use specific platforms or tools to achieve the project? Tell your manager about that. Does it take more time than estimated? Tell your manager and set a new deadline together. 

Work Habit #2 – Work intently. What does it mean?

Don’t work just to check off one task on your list of tasks for the day. Always do your work with the bigger business or team goal in mind.

Often there are differences between business perspectives inside the company: top management sees things from one vantage point while employees have an equally valuable different touchpoint with the market depending on their job roles (customer service or sales). Whatever the task, find relevant information and extract the insights necessary to help you get closer to your business goals. 

Work Habit #3 – Ask open questions to uncover areas in need of improvement

When you ask questions about the company, the business or your job role, you show interest in your employer, and you get noticed as an engaged and motivated employee. You should be able to ask questions whenever you need context or additional information to meet your objectives.

However, the best time to ask relevant questions is in the first 30 or 60 days as a new hire. Why? Because you speak from an unbiased perspective and provide top management with a fresh overview. This is the perfect time to recommend changes. It’s the now-or-never-moment when you can ask Why do you do this or that operation like that? and if you receive the Because that’s how we’ve always done it answer, come up with improvement solutions.

Work Habit #4 – Help your team members succeed

In this time and age, when moving fast and breaking things is essential to the success of companies in every industry, people don’t work in a bubble, they work in a team.

Successful teams are the ones whose members learn something new from each other every day. In these teams, employees first grow individually, as a professional, and second, collectively as a team. Help your team succeed by sharing relevant info or knowledge with your team members.

Because teams who learn together, grow together.

Work Habit #5 – Write improvement proposals in your area of expertise

The company’s top management is responsible for establishing policies, guidelines and strategic objectives. They set the company on the path to achieving business goals, allocate resources and value employees who are committed to the company’s mission and values.

Employees who are creative and are always looking for ways to use their experience and expertise to help the company scale up get noticed by top management and are more likely to advance in their careers. 

Work Habit #6 – Identify problems and come up with at least one solution

Leadership and top management have an overview of the company and where the business is headed, but they can sometimes have a blind spot concerning areas that need development.

They simply cannot see what the company is missing, but employees can. If you identify areas where the company is struggling or could use improvement, take one step forward and talk to management about it. Prepare yourself for the meeting: gather stats, relevant insights, talk to colleagues and present at least one solution.  

Work Habit #7 – Search for professional development courses to hone your craft

Successful professionals never stop learning. Developing your skill set provides you with the opportunity to become a better professional and improve your results. Search for professional development courses in your industry and show top management how they help you boost performance and achieve business goals. 

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