6 power words to supercharge your business pitch

The goal of your business pitch is to make an impact on the investors. Read on to discover 6 power words you can use to convince your investors and earn their trust.

What is the business pitch?

The business pitch is a short presentation of the business plan given by the founder to potential investors with the goal of persuading them to invest. 

How long should a business pitch last?

Your business pitch should last between 10 to 20 minutes. Any presentation longer than 20 minutes is likely to go into unnecessary details which don’t support the goal. If your business pitch has convinced the investors to invest in your business, there will be plenty of time to delve into the operational and financial details of your business. The sole objective of the business pitch is to explain your business in a few simple but impactful words so that anyone can understand.

What questions are investors likely to ask in a business pitch?

Know your business inside out and master the numbers: costs, number of estimated customers, suppliers, how long it will take to get the product on the market, KPIs, ROI, scale rate and so on. 

Here is a short list of questions that the investors could ask you:

  1. What are your key financial figures?
  2. What is your projected cash flow?
  3. What differentiates your product from current products in the market?
  4. What’s the longevity of your brand/product?
  5. How did you come to the valuation you’ve put on your company?

Here are 6 power words that will supercharge your business pitch:

Power word 1. Accomplish

When you mention “accomplish” you make the customer connect with something they aspire for and you create the frame for how you can help them achieve their goals.

Power word 2. Achievable

When something is achievable, it’s possible. When it’s possible, it gets the person closer to their vision and it opens their curiosity to learn more.

Power word 3. Excellence

Excellence means high standards and it promises quality when it comes to business expectations.

Power word 4. Improved

Using “improved” in your pitches communicates that you are open to innovation and up-to-date with your expertise and services.

Power word 5. Meaningful

When you want your work to be impactful, you strive to make it meaningful. The metrics you use to measure it may vary, but the overall effect should be game-changing for your target audience.

Power word 6. Rewarding

When you use “rewarding” in your pitch, you reinforce the return on investment that your audience is accessing once they onboard for your solution. Moreover, rewarding, as a word is also associated with a pleasant mood that you experience when you achieve something.

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