In 2022, BRAND MINDS and Fratelli are creating together amazing inspiring experiences


The partnership between Fratelli, the event’s Hospitality Partner and BRAND MINDS came naturally as both companies share a common set of values: pioneering and high-quality services.

Today, Fratelli is a successful 17-year brand synonymous with high-quality services including exquisite catering experiences for large events as well as corporate clients. The company serves clients in five cities and developed six new brands in addition to Fratelli.

By writing a story of courage, Fratelli and BRAND MINDS strive to achieve similar goals: introducing unique concepts and providing customers with services of the highest quality level every week and every year, respectively.

Daniel Caramihai, CEO Fratelli Grup:

„In 2019 Fratelli Catering, part of Fratelli Grup became the official Hospitality Partner of BRAND MINDS, the ultimate business experience that made Bucharest become the business capital of Central and Eastern Europe.

BRAND MINDS and Fratelli Grup are two companies established in the Romanian market as leaders in their industry, so this partnership came very naturally to me. My wish is to continue this partnership, to grow together, to support each other, to cultivate and live successful experiences for years to come, in order to put Romania on the map as the place where the global thinkers and the elite community of world-changers can’t wait to meet.”

Daniel Caramihai CEO Fratelli Group

Fratelli’s story is one of courageous entrepreneurship
In 2005, four friends decided to open a coffee shop in Bucharest. A concept far from anything else in the city at that time. Fratelli Espresso Bar was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, the place where the history of Fratelli began.

The idea developed and became a 100% Romanian brand success story. Now, day and night, you can find us in Bucharest, Constanța, Mamaia, Timișoara & Iași with some of the most amazing brands: Fratelli, Biutiful, Uanderful, Fratellini Bistro, Carnivale Food Market, Portobello Stradale, Fratelli Catering.

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