Meet the founder of Sapere Vedere LLC | Behind the Suit


Entrepreneur, trained attorney and consultant with more than 20 years of diverse experience in the financial services field, life insurance, business, legal and tax arena, Jeff loves working with people and different cultures.

This wealth of experience, when combined with new technology for business development and marketing, creates extraordinary results for clients!

Currently, he is building businesses in Europe, Chile and Asia in the youth preservation, weight management and preventive healthcare fields.

When it comes to his strenghts he is highly effective in using his vision and ability to get the job done in establishing channels of distribution in new markets.


1.How you came up with the business idea for Sapere Vedere LLC? Tell us the first three things you’ve done to turn the idea into facts.

J.Z.: 1. I visualized the idea;

2. I Brainstormed and wrote down everything about it;

3. I made an action plan and start implementing it.


2. Name one situation that made you want to quit.

J.Z.: The constant amount of rejections. 


3. Name one situation that made you want to go forward.

J.Z.: When I am able to help someone in our team to achieve a goal it gives me the motivation to go further.


4. What do you think are the most difficult challenges entrepreneurs have to face on english market nowadays?

J.Z.: In the USA market there is a lot of competition. The most difficult challenge is to differentiate yourself and your idea, when there’s such a wide variety on the market, that people can choose from. 


5. Investment matters. If you would invest in something else but your actual business. What would that be?

J.Z.: I already invest in other areas outside of my main business. We invest in real estate and private equity funds. 


6. If you could change something about UK’s Entrepreneurs Community to improve it in any way what would that be?

J.Z.: I would have it more open to working in the smaller, developing EU markets and embracing the ideas and the people from these regions.


7. What is Sapere Vedere LLC bringing to the market, that is different compared its competitors?

J.Z.: Sapere Vedere I LLC is bringing innovative technologies to the youth preservation market which are based upon science and in spaces where we have no competition. I believe that an important thing that can make a big difference is the relationship that we have with people and the fact that we operate with integrity. 




1. Name one good habit that helps you deal with your active life.

J.Z.: My positive mindset.


2. Name one bad habit you can’t quit.

J.Z.: Not always being patient.


3. If you could be anything else but an entrepreneur what would you be?

J.Z.: I would love to solve one of world’s biggest problems and clean the oceans.


4. Tell us your favourite book. What’s the best thing you learned from it? 

J.Z.: How to Win Friends and Influence people. Never argue.


5. Name the most important value that you believe in.

J.Z.: Integrity and Trust.


6. If you could compare your journey as an entrepreneur with a song what song would you choose?

J.Z.: Eagles – Take it to the Limit.


7. Tell us the best experience you had while working to build Sapere Vedere LLC.

J.Z.: Travel the world and meet and work with people of different backgrounds and cultures.


8. If you would give our readers one piece of advice from your entrepreneurial experience, what would that advice be?

J.Z.: Have a positive mindset and be consistent!


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