Andreea Bîrlădeanu, Marketing Director TEILOR: We encourage and believe in continuous training

TEILOR is a luxury jewellery chain present now in five countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Aligned with international trends, TEILOR portfolio consists of iconic designs to celebrate life’s meaningful moments.

Diamondsprecious and semi-precious gemstones are part of the brand’s collections – with different cuts or colours, they become elements of statement jewellery pieces. The brand’s carefully selected designs are internationally certified by De Beers Institute of Diamonds and GIA, leaders in the diamond industry.

The Exceptional by Teilor

In the interview below, TEILOR Marketing Director Andreea Bîrlădeanu shared her thoughts on team development, the changes made by her team following last year’s edition of BRAND MINDS, the company’s vision for the next 3 years and more.

Andreea Bîrlădeanu joined the TEILOR team three years ago, coordinating the Customer Loyalty & Retention department projects in the first months. As the current Marketing Director of TEILOR, Andreea leads a team of 16 people, being involved in projects developed by the luxury jewellery brand both locally and internationally. She manages creative projects, external collaborations and brand campaigns, strengthening TEILOR’s image locally and internationally.

Andreea Bîrlădeanu, Marketing Director TEILOR

What are the top 3 changes that TEILOR applied following BRAND MINDS?

Following BRAND MINDS, I took into consideration new ideas that could be applied in TEILOR. One of the things that I understood better was the importance of emotional intelligence. Understanding our emotions in the workplace can positively impact the work environment and the relations between peers. This way, we were able to maximize our efforts for each project.

The 2022 edition of BRAND MINDS came with another insight for us: to use all communication channels. Adapting the message to every communication channel helps you reach out to your audience or new segments that might be interested in the brand.

Lastly, I think this event is a reminder to keep innovation and novelty as part of your day-to-day work and approach in projects & advertising in general.

What are TEILOR’s most important insights that the company learned about at BRAND MINDS?

Each speaker brought new insights and information, depending on their expertise. The examples brought a better understanding of how most of the strategies, approaches or ways of working are personalized by each company that chooses to adopt them. This offered me confidence as well as more trust to convey certain approaches towards the team or my peers.

At the same time, we were reminded to embrace change as this is the only constant in the business environment.

Name the most essential aspect of team management according to TEILOR.

In an entrepreneurial business, opportunities can arise at any point so fast decision-making is a key factor. Thus, communication and adaptability are some of the most important aspects of team management. At the same time, to make sure you are on the right path, you need a common & aligned understanding of the goals and objectives.

When it comes to team management, is also important to seek the passion the desire to learn in all team members. Supporting personal development in line with business needs can lead to exponential growth for the company’s results as well as for the teams’ motivation.

How important is it for TEILOR to invest in team development?

We seek to learn and develop at all stages. TEILOR is a story perfected by each member of our team. The development is what makes the brand go further, as we encourage and believe in continuous training.

The DNA of our business is based on unstoppable motivation, one characteristic that describes each team.

What are the top 3 changes in marketing that marketers should be aware of?

The marketing industry is in continuous development, but some of the most significant changes are, at this moment, the growing importance of real-time marketing and staying connected to your audience.

Also, omnichannel personalization of the customer journey is just as important.

Of course, nowadays, a strong message is needed, especially when it comes to digital marketing and social media.

What is the latest news about TEILOR our readers should learn?

TEILOR is focusing on developing its presence in each market. We built an omnichannel presence, looking into translating the experience everyone has in store to digital. From product renderings to integrating tools that improve the shopping experience.

Also, we focus on our product portfolio, as we continue to align with international trends.

What is TEILOR’s vision for the next 3 years?

Looking at the past years, TEILOR has adapted to each uncommon situation and found the best way to navigate through each uncertainty.

For the next 3 years, we plan to strengthen our presence in CEE, while also developing the shopping platforms and our digital presence. The jewellery industry is developing and we aim to use every channel to grow the business and the brand.

TEILOR, a story about diamonds, courage & motivation

TEILOR, a luxury jewellery chain present now in five countries in CEE, started as a dream. One translated into a plan that built further a strong brand – the result of the vision and motivation to find possibilities in each circumstance. 

TEILOR, the story behind the brand

The first store opened its doors in 1998 on Teilor (Lindens) street – the one that also inspired the name of the brand. A strong vision and ambition led the brand to new opportunities – 51 stores in Romania that convey a unique brand experience through design, product portfolio and services.

In 2019, the company made the next step in line with the brand’s mission – opened its first stores in Bulgaria & Poland. Today, the 25 years of tradition translate into a brand that exceeds the local grounds to new stores across Europe – in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Aligned with international trends, TEILOR portfolio consists of iconic designs to celebrate life’s meaningful moments.

Diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones are part of the brand’s collections – with different cuts or colours, they become elements of statement jewellery pieces. The brand’s carefully selected designs are internationally certified by De Beers Institute of Diamonds and GIA, leaders in the diamond industry. Covering different styles, the brand also has a selection of versatile jewellery, an affordable luxury for everyday moments.

The main protagonists in the brand’s collections, diamonds are made of only one element – carbon. In the same manner, the DNA of the business is based only on unstoppable motivation. One that is visible in every step of the brand – from store openings to memorable launches of new collections.

Jewellery – the meeting point of art and new technologies

The brand’s collections are in sync with global trends, encompassing not only fashion but also technology. Adapting new materials, incorporating diamonds, the strongest gemstone with 10 on the Mohs scale, into titanium and overcoming each challenge – proof that the motivation behind the brand is visible in every process.

Brand collections – a statement through design 

Each of TEILOR’s collections talks about authenticity, craftsmanship, and a powerful concept – one that exudes the qualities of each gemstone into a memorable message.

The Exceptional – a collection of unique designs & confidence

The Exceptional – one of the brand’s iconic collections reunites diamonds and precious stones into unique settings. With impressive carats & coloured gemstones, each piece of jewellery is like no other – a spectacle of reflections & elegance.

The collection, inspired by the qualities of each individual, is a statement of confidence – every person is exceptional in everything they do.

The Exceptional also supported the communication concept of the brand in 2022. A reminder that every person is exceptional – also the core of the concept presented in the past year at BRAND MINDS. 

Pure Diamonds – a selection of jewellery with diamonds as the main characters

An iconic collection that explores diamonds in all their shapes – put together into jewellery that combines elegance with attention to detail. Carefully set into gold, each diamond conveys the 4C’s (cut, clarity, colour, carat) into shapes that gracefully reflect the light.

The collection is a reminder of the beauty and the power of a diamond. A statement of elegance in a simple, natural way that was also unveiled on the streets of Cannes.

Brave New Men – symbols of courage & high aspirations 

In 2022, TEILOR launched the first collection with an in-house design. A picture of courage and vision, the Brave New Men collection is a symbol of innovation and new technologies. Among gold, the collection brings a novelty – the use of titanium in jewellery.

The new material became a challenge – through the intense processing journey and the difficulty of integrating the diamonds due to the metal’s hardness. Complexity was, however, a motivation. And black and white gold, black or transparent diamonds and their combination naturally complemented the design.

Inspired by architecture and created by international jewellers who have embraced the challenge, the collection is a reminder that every day you are the architect of your own life.

TEILOR x BRAND MINDS – People are like diamonds

Through each collection or piece of jewellery, the brand continues its journey. Novelty, design and ambition – all lead to new stories – and one of them was written at BRAND MINDS 2022.

Inspired by the BRAND MINDS community – professionals who desire to learn more and aspire to become their best version – TEILOR took further the symbolism behind The Exceptional collection.

The result? A parallel with diamonds became the core of the concept presented at the event:

People are like diamonds. Carved and polished for their own notion of success.

A strong message, delivered at BRAND MINDS 2022, reminds us of the similarities between the qualities of the gemstone and the ones found in each and every one of us: STRENGTH, VALUES, VISION & EXPERTISE.

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